open education on OU … bin au debii

bin au debii … this is swiss german and means something like ‘i am also taking part’. As the swiss german language is only spoken, you can write  like you think it sounds correct.

Recently i was part of the MOOC E-Learning and Digital Cultures #edcmooc at coursera. I have enjoyed sharing ideas, toughts and connecting with other people around the world. It was my first MOOC and it was a valuable experience. Now i have joined Open Education MOOC #h817open.

I am a computer scientist and work for University of Applied Sciences and Art in Luzern, its in the heart of Switzerland. In the e-learning center we consult and support the usage of digital media and technology for teaching. My other activity is teaching adults in webdesign using the open languages of the web html + css. Always looking to new ways how to teach/learn about programming in more creative and practical ways, especially when technology subjects changes so quickly i think open resources could help.

I support the ideas of the open movements, such as open source software and open data. And i am interested how these ideas could work in the field of education, thats my motivation to follow this class.

Looking forward to the ‘opening’ on March 16th …


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