Activity 4: Priorities of openness

This activity ask us to start thinking about the priorities for open education. We need to choose 3 from this list: Sustainability – Pedagogy – Barriers to uptake – Learner support – Technology – Quality – Rights

Imagine you are advising a funding organisation that wishes to promote activity and research in the area of open education. Set out the three main priorities they should address, explaining each one and providing a justification for your list.

My 3 research priorities in the area of open education are

Barriers to uptake
Individuals or institutions may care about financing, organisation, benefit, risk, time, culture, effects, attitude. If we know more about, this would help to better promote and build open education.

Open Education has an impact on teaching and learning. Some questions could be:
Do we learn differently in a open and/or connected environment?
How effective is this kind of learning?

Open Resources should be also used in the future, and this is a question of technology and formats. Will it be possible to view or read all the digital work created/converted today either by us or by professionals in 5 or 10 years?


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