Activity 8: Exploring resources for an OER course

Week-2 task is to construct a course in digital skills using content from the following OER repositories: Ariadne – Jorum – Merlot – MIT – OpenLearn – Rice Connexions.
The course runs for 5 weeks, each week another topic and with about 6 hours study per week.

Suggestion course, topics and resources
Here is my version of the OER course.

Course: Digital Skills Training
Learners: For new employees (trainees) at a media agency
Description: Should gain basics in assisting producing digital articles which includes photographs and interview videos.

Week Topic Resources Suitable
1 Introduction Digital Information The Virtual Revolution: Frontier thinkers at openlearn: video
social media: web2practice
at jorum:
format: video and document pdf
Safari – skills accessing, finding and reviewing information
at openlearn:
format: online course view in browser
only chapter 1, 2, 6 (4 hours)



2 Finding information on the internet Safari – skills accessing, finding and reviewing informationat openlearn:
format: online course view in browser
other chapters (6 hours)
3 Create Photographs / Use digital camera Difficult to find suitable resources Suggestion: Learners should use guide or resource provided by camera manufacturer, see on website. Let learner find resource.
4 Create Videos Digital Film School at openlearn:
format: videos
possible Track 2, 3 or 4, 7. 8, 16
5 Data / Internet Security Living with the internet: Keeping it safe
at openlearn:
format: online course view in browser
Duration too long, maybe let learner pick
only some chapters


Finding suitable resources for my course was very time-consuming and quite difficult. The first step was to have a first look at the given repositories, which were new to me. I found lots of resources matching the topic upon my search criteria. However, some resources are in a format, that can’t be viewed (by everyone) or the content is outdated. Other resources are not suitable for my target group or course structure, because content goes to much in detail or students would need to much time to work on.

The other main issue about using OER is, that i use third party content. As a teacher i need to watch those videos, read those documents and take those online-courses myself in order to be able to recommend/provide this resource to my learners. So, in week 3 and 4, i have decided to let the learner pick a resource by their own.

To summarize: For topics around technology that change rapidly i believe OER can be helpful, and if the resource is updated also time-saving. Browsing OER repositories can also help construct the course, for example finding topics, ideas or key points relevant to the planned training.

Maybe it would have been easier searching google for resources, as Nat has done.


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