Activity 25: how open online education works

For the final activity i have created a video animation showing the most interesting aspects of openess in education that i have learnt in this course. Here is the updated version with music by Luis López-Cano.

At this point i want to say …

i have enjoyed the course very much,
thanks to martin weller at OU openlearn for facilitating the course and being present,
thanks to all co-learners of the google+ group for sharing, commenting and inspiration,
it was a great learning experience with you.

And special thanks to Luis for composing (entirely on iPad!) the wonderful music to my presentation. This is a great cooperative open work!

And of course,  its also about open resources, here is the source file (Adobe Flash) of the presentation, feel free to change and reuse.


2 thoughts on “Activity 25: how open online education works

  1. Hi Deborah, you have initiated the google+ group and enabled the building of PLNs. Thank you for connecting us, and i am also happy to have you in my PLN.

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