Activity 22: Open education technology – standard web technology

Which technology is important for open education? For me its simply, standard web technology.


When speaking about standard web technology in this context i mean the open languages of the web, such as html, css, php, xml and many more. This technologies are not owned by someone or by a company, they are created, maintained and standardized by the community or by organizations such as the W3C. In my view this is important as this open standard model will best ensure future development.

All the 5 suggested technology tools such as Blog, RSS, Links and embed, Social Networks and VLEs are based on standard web technology. And also the additional technologies suggested by the colleagues,
Mobile Technology (Sukaina and Inger-Marie),
Dropbox (Colin),
Hangout other live sessions (Nuala),
the cloud (Jim),
are all based on standard web technology.
Maybe we will see new tools and content type in future.

The standard web technology let us develop applications and tools to create and deliver different type of content, make it viewable on different devices, bring learners together and include learners with disabilities to participate, and much more. All these is significant for shaping open education and open educational resources.