Activity 15: My definiton of PLN – people are the network

In online learning we often find the term personal learning network (PLN), see Wikipedia’s entry. In this activity we should try to  formulate our own definition. I started searching in local resources and came across this post at the  edutechwiki of University of Geneva describing PLN as:

Personal learning networks (PLN) are the connections and communications made with others to question, reflect and evaluate information in order to create new knowledge (Attwell) (2007)

This definition seems quite suitable to me but there are questions.
Are connections and communications tools, channels or people?
The definition also miss a little the contributing and sharing activitiy.

After finding the  What is a PLN? Or, PLE vs. PLN? twitter discussion summary including this wonderful tweet by @BlancheMaynard which makes clear to me what PLN and PLE is about …

PLN is organic; PLE is mechanic. You can use ‘tools’ like Twitter
within your PLE to access your network, but the tool isn’t the

I change the above definiton to:

A personal learning network (PLN) consists of people we connect  to question, reflect, discuss, contribute and share information in order to create new knowledge.

Now, the channel we choose to communicate with those people can vary from E-Mail, social media tools, google hangout  or even phone.  Each of these tools has its own advantages and can offer new possibilities. But as  @BlancheMaynard writes, tools are not the network, people are the network.

Flock of Jackdaws in Tuira, Oulu, Finland
By Estormiz (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons